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An accordion player is recovering in hospital today after injuring himself whilst performing at a gathering of nudists in County Leitrim.

The man was playing at The 34th International Naturists Congress in Drumshanbo, Leitrim when the incident occurred. It is thought that the man, a nude enthusiast, did not take the proper precautions as he played his accordion and as a result, painfully caught his genitals in the bellows of his accordion.

The nudist was immediately brought to a nearby hospital for treatment of crush injuries where he is still recovering. Witnesses described the incident:

"We were all just enjoying ourselves, having a few drinks while the wind blew through our crotches when we heard a yelp. I thought it was a small dog but when we looked there was a man rolling around on the ground. Looked like he was in some pain."

"When we helped him we realised what happened so we applied ice to the...area. It was really swollen. To be honest a few of us thought he was just really enjoying his own playing, typical accordion player. Sure he was pulling the shite out of it! The bellows I mean. This was bound to happen."

Organisers of the congress released a statement saying they are aware of what happened and have warned other musicians to make sure they wear protection if they are playing any 'crotch-lying instruments' such as accordions, concertinas, uilleann pipes, banjos, guitars, bouzoukis and bodhráns.

They also reminded any nudist musicians of their congress dates so as not to get mixed up with the Joe Mooney Summer School which is held every July in Drumshanbo.

"We all know what happened last year. Those children are scarred for life!"


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