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A blogger and self-styled traditional music think-tank has claimed to have 'seen messages' in the CD covers of many respected traditional muscians and has solved the assassination of JFK and other world mysteries as a result.

Pat O’Connell claimed on his ‘’ website that after obsessing over the CD covers for a week without sleep, he began to see the answers to many of the world’s mysteries including the assassination of JFK, if the Turin Shroud is really a hoax, the existence of the Illuminati and many more in the CD cover designs.

“I noticed that a lot of effort was being put into CD covers nowadays which made me realise there must be a reason, some sort of pattern behind this. Nothing actually jumped out at me but I knew that if I sat and stared at them for long enough I’d eventually find something…and boy did I.”

“JFK was the first one…turns out there WAS a shooter on the grassy knoll! The Turin Shroud too. One of the CD covers showed me that it was really just a sheet some lad from Kerry slept under after a night out back in the day. The Illuminati are real too! I saw their symbols, the triangles everywhere on the covers! All-Seeing Eyes too, especially on the covers where there was a headshot of the musician!”

O’Connell also claimed to have found the location of the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant and that Lord Lucan is really still alive living in a shack in Ballyvourney. When other musicians tried to convince him that ‘they’re just CD covers’ and ‘they’re just trying to sell albums’, O’Connell said:

“Nah, that can’t be it. That’d just be weird…”


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