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People all over the country are up in arms after realising that the recent advertising campaign for a new traditional music show featuring a miniature flash mob was all 'an act'.

The video, which features many prominant Irish musicians, depicts a flash mob being told to stop playing music by a stubborn security guard who is then revealed to be a musician himself when he steals a fiddle and belts out Gorman's Reel.

People later found out that the video was not 'off-the-cuff' but rather a carefully thought out and planned advertising campaign designed to promote TG4's new Irish music show 'Bosca Ceoil'. Not everyone was impressed:

"This is ridiculous. I clicked on the video under the assumption that this was real and the musicians had no idea the security guard could play. Then I found out it was pre-planned. That's false advertising so it is!"

"I'm starting to lose a grip on reality...Some people told me that the box with the twisting lever in the video wasn't real either! I bet that the fella sitting drinking tea towards the end was a 'CCE plant' too!"


TG4 has so far received up to one hundred complaints, mainly concerned with the fact the video was planned while one is thought to be about the choice of tune. The Drone took to the streets of Dublin to ascertain the success of ad but was met with some perplexed members of the general public.

"Wha? Never heard of it. Wha's the name of it? Busty Ceoil? Don't know it but it sounds like my type of TV show."

Many members of the music community are unhappy too. Fiddle player of 1 years Thaddeus O'Luanaigh said that it gives the music 'a bad image'.

"The thought that musicians would stoop so low as to take part in such trickery. And they even seemed to enjoy it! I'm especially disappointed with my fiddling hero Tom Morrow. I almost didn't recognise him, sure he's gone fierce grey...I'm disappointed in you Tom."

It is clear many people are not happy that the Irish language station would try and tempt new viewers with a clever and modern marketing campaign.

"We need more old men in Aran jumpers."


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