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A final year undergrad student of Irish music in the University of Limerick has told The Drone that he is looking forward to life after college living on the dole.

The student who attends the World Academy of Irish Music and Dance in UL said that he entered the course knowing full well of the no job opportunities associated with studying Irish music but was excited at the prospect of living on the breadline.

"It's more interesting this way. I've been playing music for a few years now but didn't feel like I was really part of the scene. This way, I'll be fully qualified to play and the fact that I'll be able to become an unemployed musician will make me seem way more legit!"

The course has gone from strength to strength and is famous for becoming a retirement home for many unemployed musicians who have the opportunity to pass on their wealth of knowledge to unsuspecting teens.

"Going from bedsit to bedsit, sleeping under cars, mooching off friends and eating cold pizzas taken from the bin outside Mizzoni's on a Friday night...That's the life for me. Hopefully this degree will give me a chance at getting the odd gig too."

The student is already preparing for life outside the college by immersing himself in the course modules of 'Undercutting Other Musicians for Gigs' and 'How to Drink Tuborg Out of a Can and Use It as an Ashtray at the Same Time.'

"To think, this course only costs me around €3,000 a year and I stand to make as much as double that! I'm laughing all the way to the Social Welfare Office!"


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