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One of Ireland's classiest traditional ensembles 'The Tap Room Trio' announced today that their second album has currently gone into production and that fans should expect a different, more progressive trad-rock sound compared to their first album.

Members Harry Bradley, Jesse Smith and John Blake told The Drone that they wanted to approach the music from a different angle for their next album and that the opportunity to infuse progressive rock with their own styles was intriguing.

After careful thought the band decided to return to the recording studio under their new name 'Spinal Tap-Room Trio' to lay down some electric guitar and synth fused rock with a bit of 1930's style traditional music thrown in. Harry explains:

"It's been ten years since the first album so we were long overdue another one. We've been so busy doing other projects that we just havn't had the time! But now that we do, we wanted to try something a little bit...different."

"I've always wondered what 'An Cúilín' would sound like with synthesizer behind it, what 'Colonal Frazer's' would be like with shredding guitar thrown in and how 'In the Tap Room' would sound when played at Stonehenge. With the massive technological advances in studio recording we can now do all that!"

Fans are unsure of how to react to the news, with many saying that the new venture could end up sounding like Kíla however they hold out hope that the progressive rock won't overshadow the musician's masterful playing.

The new album 'Smell the Reels' will be out in the New Year.


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