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Organisers for 'Movember' have placed the beard of accordion master Joe Burke on public display as an example of the great facial hair that can be attained with a little love and care.

The annual fundraising event which encourages pre-pubescent looking male folk everywhere to grow facial hair for charity said that Burke's beard should be an example for everyone during the month of Movember, despite the presence of ticks.

"Over the course of the last 40 or so years Joe has sported one of world's best beards. We recognise the need to inspire people with great facial hair and hopefully with his beard on display we can raise even more money!"

It is thought that Joe Burke donated the beard after being contacted by the charity organisers who raise awareness of men's health. Burke said it didn't take much to convince him to donate the beard:

"I saw the importance straight away. As a professional beard grower I take pride in my whiskers. I'm feted so much for my accordion playing it was nice to receive some recognition for my other talent. When the Movember organisers contacted me it only took two hours of non-stop compliments to convince me to shave the beard for them."

"There's no real trick to beard growing. All you have to do is play it a decent set of reels every night before it goes to bed, stroke it lovingly and give it a good name. I named mine Anne-2."

Weighing nearly the same as a small child, the beard has been placed in a special de-oxygenated glass display case and can be seen in the Natural History Museum in Dublin until the end of the month when it will be used to make clothes for orphans.


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