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A local mother got the shock of her life today after accidentally walking in on her teenage son as he 'experimented' with chromatic notes.

The woman, who is a traditional musician herself, has always understood how important it is to allow teenagers the space to come to terms with how their music undergoes changes in their teens but she didn't expect this to happen.

While experimenting is a totally natural thing to expect at this time of life, the woman was still shocked and embarassed as much as her son was with the situation:

"I was making dinner when it happened. I was dishing it up when I called him from his room but there was no answer. Sure he's always playing music really loud but I guessed that he didn't hear me so I went up to get him. That's when I saw it."

"I opened the door to find him sitting on the bed with his flute in his hands, eyes closed and letting all those chromatic notes flow! I got such a fright! So did he! He was so embarrassed he put it back in its case. He was chromasturbating!"

She went on to say how she had a talk with her son afterwards telling him that it was a totally natural thing for a teenager to experiment with chromatic notes and not to be embarrassed. She warned him however not to let it get out of hand.

"You see this is why it is so important to have musical education in schools so children know how things work. Otherwise you don't know what will be next! Percussion? Trazz? Syncopation? I'm worried..."


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