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A local musician has been left reeling the last few days after regretting making a New Years Resolution to learn more mazurkas.

He awoke on New Years Day not just with a hangover but with the fear from the previous night spent revelling with other musician friends. Worried that he'd embarrassed himself during the celebrations, the man rang a friend who then broke the news to him.

"I knew I had done something but I just couldn't figure out what it was. It was only when I rang my friend that I learned the extent of what I had done. I mean, who makes a resolution to learn more mazurkas?"

"We had a good night playing music! We were in Neachtain's in Galway all day playing and drinking. I must have let it go to my head. What makes it worse is that I play the pipes! Who plays mazurkas on the pipes?!"

The man has since been shunned by his friends and acquaintances as he comes to terms with his drunken decision. The stigma of being associated with mazurkas has damaged his reputation beyond repair say his musical colleagues.

"I for one don't want to know the man. I mean, it's hard enough to get a decent session nowadays without people polluting our ears by playing mazurkas. He's made his decision now he must live with the consequences!"


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