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A local middle aged couple getting ready to attend their first Irish music wedding have no idea about the madness that awaits them later that evening.

The couple, who aren't musicians themselves, received the invite for the wedding of their friend's son 6 months ago and were looking forward to a day filled with gentle music and civilised conversation, showing their naivety of the events that await them.

Dancing on tables, all night sessions and vomiting over bodhrán players by other musicians are just some of the things they have no idea exist, judging by their expectations.

"We've known this couple for years so we were obliged to go to their son's wedding. We met him before and he seems like a lovely chap. We're looking forward to having a nice relaxing evening."

The couple plan to wear their best outfits for the event as they don't expect to be completely soaked in alcohol which is the most likely result of the wedding. The Bride and Groom have decided against having a meal and instead will have a free bar all night.

Weddings involving Irish traditional musicians are legendary in their goings on say the other attendees.

"Sure I was at a wedding last week where all the best men did a striptease to Willie Clancy. It's mad! People opening beer bottles with their teeth, girls shaving lads heads, it's all a bit of craic!"

The reveller says he is looking forward to falling asleep on the bonnet of the lay couple's car.


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