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An jumper worn by concertina player Noel Hill on his first album has sold for €1million at an auction in London, making it the most expensive jumper in history.

The infamous Arran sweater has inspired designs worn by fisherman, Clancy Brothers enthusiasts and hipsters the world over. However the original jumper which can be seen on the cove of Hill's 'The Irish Concertina' was the benchmark for all jumpers.

It was thought that the jumper was lost, perhaps falling into an unknown private collection after Noel threw it into a wild crowd following a concert in 1988 after the release of the CD. However it resurfaced last year after an unwitting tourist spotted it in a pawn shop in London.

"Jaysus meself and the wife came from over from Clare to try and rekindle the romance ye know, things were gone a bit shtale but sure less of that. I was in an aul pawn shop looking for some long johns to bring home when I saw it."

"There it was hangin' up again' the wall plain as day. As soon as I saw it I knew there was only one Clareman who wore a jumper like that and that was Noel Hill. I paid £5 for it and off I went happy as Larry!"

The man immediately brought it down to Sotheby's where it was immediately put on auction with a reserve of £50. Unknown to the man he wasn't the only Clareman in London that weekend and upon hearing the jumper was on auction, the famous auctioneers became flooded in a sea of blue and yellow jerseys.

However the jumper was eventually bought by an unknown phone in bidder going by the initials T.McM. The jumper reached €1million making it the highest grossing jumper ever, eclipsing Mick Jagger's leather pants and Seamus Tansey's flute holster.


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