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Publishers have altered the meaning of the term 'traditional' in the dictionary after seeing the line-up for this weekend's Temple Bar Tradfest.

Collins Dictionary undertook the change after seeing the term used to describe bands such as The Undertones, The Levellers and more, thus, clearing up any confusion one might have as to the meaning.

No longer will the term 'traditional' be used to describe Ireland's or any other national music but rather a collective term for any Tom, Dick and Harry looking for a gig. This will cover elements such as rock, indie and all other types of music.

Collins Publishers: "We wanted to make sure our dictionary was the go-to for all researchers however when we saw the line-up we knew we were wrong. We have to thank the tradfest organisers for setting us straight!"

The bastion of culture that is Temple Bar, will play host to live music this weekend of a 'traditional nature with live music, recitals by your favourite rock groups and the best mic'd up, noisy, no joining 'sessions' you've ever heard.

Irish musicians all over Dublin and Ireland have thanked Collins and the Tradfest for clearing things up for them as they now know that The Hothouse Flowers and Donovan are obviously traditional music.

"I for one am delighted. I'm a topclass musician myself living in the city and it warms my heart to see acts like The Undertones shining the light for trad music. Sure why would I want to play in a 'traditional Irish music festival' in my own city?"

"I will never speak ill of Donovan again!"


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