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Bouzouki enthusiasts around the world have been wetting themselves over the unveiling of the newest addition to the dreaded stringed instrument's family: a 3 necked bouzouki.

Renowned Dutch luthier Martin Von Hatesthezouk unveiled his newest creation this afternoon with observers quickly baptising the monstrosity the 'Bouzouk-3', in reference to the triple neckedness of the 'instrument'.

Von Hatesthezouk described the instrument as the next step in bad accompaniment and said that the addition of 2 extra necks ensures that the Bouzouk-3 will be able to slot into any session and ruin it.

"It is very exciting. Up until now the bouzouki was limited by its single neck. It wasn't always possible to partake in the destruction of sessions but now that's changed."

"Each of these 3 necks is built especially for a different kind of session ruining. One is for loudness, another by rhythm and the third is for playing out of tune. It is revolutionary!"

The Bouzouk-3 is not to be mistaken for the 'Two-zouki' made by Fylde (pictured right). While the two necked creation never really quite made it on the traditional scene, orders for the Bouzouk-3 have gone through the roof.

Bouzouki maestro Donal Lunny has already obtained one of the first Bouzouk-3s while De Danann legend Alec Finn has bought a specially commissioned Greek style Bouzouk-3.

Other musicians have expressed their dismay at the announcement, saying that this spells the end for enjoyable sessions and is another indictment of instrument makers trying to 'improve' designs that have lasted hundreds of years.

Local fiddle player: "I don't know what to say. What will be next? Electronic Uilleann Pipes? God help us all..."


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