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Today marks the annual parent manufactured return to music classes in preparation for the Fleadh for horrible brats all over the country.

Usually these kids are not brought to classes by parents who believe their children to be above that, however it is tradition for them to return to their old teacher in an attempt to milk any other info that might help them go through to the All-Ireland or steal any places in Grupa Ceoils and Céilí Band from other loyal students.

The parents themselves look forward to showing their kid off to the teacher as much as anything and fully expect to be included in all Fleadh groups.

"We don't normally come to classes. Little Katie is above that you know, she's gotten as much from her teacher as she can really. She's only 8 but she can already tell if a teacher is good or bad, it's a talent!"

"But usually we come back to classes just to brush up on one or two things just before the Fleadh and of course to get her place in the best groups which we know she will. There are kids here who always come to classes and aren't as good but we'd expect to be ahead of them naturally."

Musicians everywhere roll their eyes at the sight of returning students knowing full well what they're after. But unknown to parents, teachers are usually too smart to play up to such demands and loof forward to sticking these children in with the average groups if at all.

"They always seem to turn up just before the county Fleadh and expect to be included in everything. They're clearly delusional if they think they can treat me like shite and still expect me to look after their little brats!"


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