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Bodhrán players from all over Ireland have marched on the General Post Office in Dublin in an attempt to copy the actions that took place during the Easter Rising 1916.

The bodhrán players marched on the GPO this morning in full bodhrán uniforms with the aim of achieving a 'Bodhrán Republic' as outlined in their 'Proclomation of the Bodhrán Republic' which was read by a sole percussionist to a small group of confused onlookers.

The proclomation stated that the percussionists seek to be released from the oppression imposed on them by actual musicians. Their leader, Thaddeus O'Luanaigh outlined their demands:

"We seek to be held in the same regard as other players of Irish music. For too long we have stood in the shadow of other musicians, it's about time we are regarded as a serious instrument!"

"We spend just as much time perfecting our craft. There aren't too many people out there who can properly hit a piece of animal skin attached to a wooden frame with another piece of wood! We will be leading the sessions from now on!"

The bodhrán players stormed the GPO ordering people to leave whilst banging on their drums. Various groups have taken up strategic positions in and around the building, making use of their uncanny ability to slyly infiltrate music sessions.

Musicians all over the country have been rolling their eyes all afternoon as news emerges of the bodhráners taking hostage members of the general public, threatening them with bodhrán solos if their demands are not met.

News of the march has had a knock-on effect in the percussion world with reports of spoons players staging 'soup-in' protest at restaurants, kazoo players taking over concert halls and cajon players invading a number of box factories.


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