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The music community was in shock today as the entire Clare Memory Orchestra became afflicted with a crippling bout of amnesia leading to the cancellation of concerts for the foreseeable future.

The ensemble led by by guitarist and composer Dave Flynn reportedly felt a bit 'iffy' during recent rehearsals for a show, forgetting where their cues were. This got worse over the following hours with many saying they could barely remember why they joined in the first place.

However upon waking up this morning, the entire cast could not recall their own names, let alone the pieces of music they were suppose to be playing. With an emphasis on not using sheet music, this had led to Flynn having to cancel upcoming gigs.

"It's a disaster! After all these years of hard work this is the last thing I need! I don't know what happened, they all must have eaten something bad or been on the vodka, it's the only explanation."

"I wouldn't have had this problem if it was 'The Clare Sheet Music Orchestra'. This the last time I trust Irish musicians. I'm starting to think that they're not really suffering from amnesia at all and are just pretending."

Many of the musicians have been seen wandering the Clare countryside with vacant expressions asking people who they are and talking to the local wildlife. One musician was spotted having a conversation with the Willie Clancy statue in Miltown Malbay which eventually ended in a full blown argument.

It is thought that the amnesia could have been brought on by spiked food or drink with many eyes being cast on the group's rivals, 'The National Folk Orchestra of Ireland', which have now conveniently taken it upon themselves to fulfill the abandoned gigs.

Many Irish musicians however have welcomed the news with the majority saying that the more people that forget they play the flute the better.


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