The parents of Under 15 Fiddle rivals Bláithín Herlihy Finnegan and Dylan Treston are preparing to continue their classroom duel again this year as the county Fleadh approaches.

As we enter the competition season it is understood the parents of the young demigods have gone all out for this year’s competition with instrument upgrades and extra lessons in order to achieve maximum results.

A close source to Bláithín told the Drone: “Oh my god Bláithín is totes amazing but she can be such a bitch about it sometimes. Her mum Fionnghuala makes her practice like every morning before breakfast and I think her parents got her this like carbon bow or something for the competition.”

The parents are understood to have equipped their children with state of the art instruments ensuring that their renditions of ‘The Sally Gardens’ is the one that catches the adjudicator’s attention.

Speaking to a close friend of Dylan’s he said, “Dylan’s oblivious to it all. His parents have great hopes for his career but I don’t think he really likes Irish music and he plays the same 3 tunes all the time.”

Following Bláithín's victory last year, addiditional adjudicators have been called in for this years competition after Dylan’s mother Therese held last years adjudicator back for almost an hour enquiring why her son hadn’t come first place.

Cult-Ass have also drafted in extra security to cope with the added tension.


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