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The recent good Irish weather has claimed yet another victim in the form of a busker in Galway who stayed too long in the sun and melted.

John Naughton, a local scratchy fiddler, was busking as usual on shop street but after spending up to 12 hours playing in the blistering heat, he was eventually reduced to little more than a steaming puddle leaving behind only his fiddle and takings for the day: €2.17, some English coins and a condom.

A shop owner said that people only noticed John had melted when they took out their Galway County Council issued earplugs, as the sun wasn't the only thing that was burning the ears off them that day.

"I'd never seen the likes of it before. Sure we all know John to see. He'd usually be down there sawin' away like he thinks he's a cross between Yehudi Menuhin and Frankie gavin but today was particularly bad with the good weather. Most of the busker were out in force."

"So naturally we all had our earplugs in and it was only when we were packing up for the day that we noticed that there was not 'music'. We looked around and there he was, nothin' more than a puddle. Can't say that I'm gonna miss him."

Horrified tourists looked on as John became hotter and hotter and burst into flames. Despite attempts to help him John played on, thinking people would be impressed and throw more change into his fiddle case. Unfortunately this wasn't the case in the space of a few minutes he was melted down to a steaming puddle.

This isn't the first incident of Irish musicians melting in the sun as they are known to be extremely susceptible to sun damage due to playing inside dark rooms. Last year an entire under 12 Grúpa Ceoil was melted at the All-Ireland Fleadh while practising outside.

Goverment officials have warned musicians to take the necessary precautions when venturing into sunlight. Factor 500 sunscreen is being made available in all pubs that host Irish music sessions while the Galway County Council are looking into creating a canopy to cover both Shop Street and the Latin Quarter.


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