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A new study obtained exclusively by The Drone has finally revealed that female traditional Irish musicians are just as good as and probably even better than their male counterparts.

The study which focussed on gender within the traditional music scene took place over a number of years and sought to clarify the ‘lovely girls’ attitude toward female musicians. The results finally confirmed that male musicians are not the ‘be all and end all’.

Barry Ryan of the Irish Traditional Music Research Institute said that they were intrigued by the macho posturing of the traditional Irish music scene and interested to find out if having a penis really did make you a superior musician.

“Traditional Irish music in the late 19th and early 20th for whatever reason appeared to be male dominated although that is based solely on recorded evidence. But since that time the ratio of male to female has levelled out with many female musicians leaving an indelible mark on the tradition.”

“I wasn’t even sure myself if female musicians were even better than the men, seeing as many of the personalities and groups out there today are male dominated. I thought the girls were there just to look good. But the study said otherwise! We were pretty surprised!”

The €1million study went on to say that the study found that female musicians, despite a clear disparity between recognition within the tradition in favour of men, confounded dismissive attitudes by some males even proving that in many cases females are simply better.

“We looked at a lot of different areas including positions of authority within the tradition and even when we looked at certain awards we saw that they were mainly given to men. We took this to mean that women just weren’t as good. I guess this isn’t the case...”

News of the study has already had an effect on the pride of men within the traditional scene who may have to suffer the ‘horror’ of mixed gender sessions: “This isn’t right! How will I show off to the girls when I know they’re better than me?”

Women however have taken the news in their stride: “Only a bunch of men would pay €1million for a study which proves to them something I could have told them in ten seconds...for free.”


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