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This year's May Day celebrations saw the partaking of the majority of the population of Irish musicians in celebrating their unemployed status.

While International Workers' Day or May Day celebrates labourers and the working classes, thousands of crusty looking Irish musicians decided to march through the streets of Galway to celebrate the fact that they are unemployed.

The 1st of May is traditionally a holiday in most parts of the world including mainland Europe where it is vociferously celebrated with marching and placards advocating workers' rights. However the Irish music community decided to take time out of their busy day of sitting to show their support.

Organiser Thaddeus O'Luanaigh: "This is a great opportunity for the Irish music community to celebrate their uniqueness and show how much we've contributed to the world through our unemployed status. You know, no-one would take us seriously as artists if we had day jobs."

"This way we show our solidarity with other hard working labourers. We're cut from the same cloth, although they worked hard to earn the money to pay for said cloth...But we're musicians!"

The rally began in Eyre Square, Galway before moving on to sample some traditional Irish musician cuisine in Supermac's before continuing down Shop Street and ending in the unemployed musicians mecca of Neachtain's in the Latin Quarter.

The end of the rally involved the ceremonial 'stroking of the dreadlocks', 'the buying of the Dutch Gold' and the 'getting thrown out of the pub for hanging around too long'. Musicians and hippies declared the rally a great success however local business owners disagree.

"I swear, if I hear another set of bongos or another hammer dulcimer I'll go mad!"


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