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A local boy who is hated by everyone has pissed even more people off by declaring that he intends to reclaim his Fleadh crown which he says is rightfully his.

10 year old little Jimmy Bellend from County Clare is a champion sean-nós dancer with numerous titles to his name but he is still convinced that he was unduly robbed of a gold medal in the under 12 category at the All-Ireland Fleadh in Sligo last year.

In an interview with The Drone he said that the title is his and his alone and that he'll be long dead before he relinquishes that under 12 trophy.

"I've won it so many times they should name the trophy after me. Actually I'm a bit sick of the grotty one they have so I've asked them to provide a new one for next year."

"Last year was a joke. They judges must have been off their heads if they think a lad that I beat year in year out danced better than me."

In a close run decision, Jimmy lost to his arch nemesis Mikey Whelan, a dancer who is loved by all, something which he believes could have swayed the adjudicators decision. Following the competition Jimmy cornered the innocent judges and lambasted them with a whirlwind of expletives.

However with the upcoming Clare Fleadh, little Jimmy says he is planning to take back his crown and that he has a few suprises and tricks in store for the adjudicators.

"I going to wear some flashy clothes this time round. That way they won't be able to take their eys off me. I have a few new ultra secret steps that I've been working on. My parents hired a crack team of sean-nós dancing experts to come up with some. There's no way I'll lose."

Little Jimmy has also hired a legal team to accompany him to the competitions to ensure that the adjudicators reach the correct outcome.


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