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Friends of a notorious self-promoting musician are beginning to lose patience with his online antics as they are slowly drip fed every detail of his music making life.

Multi-instrumentalist and self-proclaimed composer Thaddeus O'Luanaigh has been using Facebook the last year to showcase his talents and everywhere it is taking him at the expense of his friends' sanity and patience.

Constant updates on his whereabouts, who he is playing with, where he was playing, what ornamentation he did, what tune he has composed have all become regular additions to his friends' news-feeds as one of them tells us.

"It's getting beyond ridiculous at this stage. I'm all for advertising some things on Facebook but what he does is relentless. Every time I'm on the computer and log onto Facebook he's there. Everytime I look at my phone at my phone he's there. Every time I close my eyes I can see him. Sometimes I wake up at night screaming."

"Thaddeus actually has 3 Facebook accounts: one is his personal account, one is his musician account and the other is a fanclub page which he runs himself! You can imagine what it's like with all those accounts posting stuff at the same time! It's like a blitzkrieg assault on the senses!"

Everyday his friends are bombarded with posts such as: "Tonight I'll be playing in the back of my uncles shed to a crowd of one's. Can't wait!", "Driving to the post-office to collect my dole money. The life of a musician!" and "Just heading out to by some cassettes so I can record my new album. Available in all bins soon!".

His latest Facebook posts include a selfie of him sitting on the toilet with the caption: "Was going to the loo and suddenly a wave of inspiration came over me and I had to compose a tune. I think I'll name it after my father."

A mass de-friending has already begun online with his amassed total of 850 friends certain to be reduced. Some musicians have ben accused of begrudgery however people who know Thaddeus have leapt to their defence.

"No it's okay. He really is a twatbag."


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