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Irish musicians around the country rejoiced after the Yes referendum result today due to the fact they believe that this will result in more gigs at weddings.

Weddings are a valuable source of income to the Irish musician as many couples love the chance to pretend they like the music for one day in their lives. Now that gay and lesbian marriage has been introduced, Irish musicians believe the demand for their services will skyrocket.

One musician told The Drone that she is constantly playing at wedding ceremonies and sometimes at the drinks reception and that she can basically live of this way of life.

"I play the harp which is perfect for that type of gig. People love the sound, not so much the music but they pretend like. Sure as long as I get paid at the end of the day I couldn't care less!"

"Now that gay couples will be allowed to get married, that means more ceremonies which means more gigs for the likes of me! Jaysus, after a few years I'll be able to retire! I won't be able to move for all the gigs I'll have!"

Irish musicians, professional and amateur, view the wedding as the lifeblood of their profession. Traditional musicians are notorious for becoming extremely competitive when it comes to wedding gigs with arguments often erupting between rival performers.

Today's referendum result has now changed their way of life with many musicians reportedly handing in their resignations at their usual day jobs in preparation for all the gigs that will come their way. One piper said that he had a cushy job in the civil service but has packed it all in after today.

"Sure it made total sense! Why would I waste my time in a very secure job for life when I can play at all these new gay weddings that we're gonna have?"


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