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Well known traditional Irish fiddle player and professional boxer Frankie Gavin is preparing for a crack at the IBF Welterweight World Championship title and says that the music will spur him on to a famous win.

While he may be best known for his fiddle playing with supergroup De Danann, Frankie has in the past few years taken up professional boxing and has become quite successful with 22 wins from 23 fights. However tomorrow night's world title fight against Kell Brook will be his most difficult challenge since playing 'The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba'.

However Frankie feels he has a distinct advantage, pointing to his beloved Irish music as the thing that will pump him up for the fight and inspire him on to a famous win.

"What does Kell Brook have? Nothin'. I have Tommy Potts, Michael Coleman and James Morrison on my side. Before the fight I'll be listening to the music to help me get into the zone."

"Tunes like 'The Gold Boxing-Ring', 'The Boxer of Oranmore' and 'Trim the Velvet-Boxing Robe'. That's the only motivation I need. I'll be making my entrance to 'The Jug of Punches', a musical representation of what Kell Brook will be on the receiving end of."

Gavin is known for his furious style of boxing, using his rythmical bow arm to throw dangerous right hooks while he adopts an orthodox fiddler's stance, holding his left arm up and keeping his chin down, ridding the need for a shoulder pad.

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn says the fans are looking forward to seeing Frankie's use of ornamentation in the ring and how his ability to play the fiddle in cramped sessions translates to the boxing ring.

"It's very exciting. The fans can't wait. The stuff he on those early De Danann albums...Wow. And sure he can play flute too! That's always a plus, means he should be able to go the 12 rounds no problem with lungs like those."

Gavin's fight can be seen on pay-per-view with Sky Sports tomorrow night.


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