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Tunepal, the mobile phone and tablet app designed to identify and search for names of Irish tunes is to receive a brand new feature in the next version which will tell users how bad they're playing is.

The app allows users to play a short snippet of a tune which Tunepall then searches through databases for the closest possible version and provide a name. But the new upgraded version will also now provide feedback on your playing, telling you how poor it really is.

Creator Bryan Duggan said that it's exciting to see how people will react to the changes and that it was only a matter of time before the app started to talk back.

"It has a mind of it's own really, this seemed like a natural progression really. People are playing into the mic on their phone so it was bound to happen that Tunepall started talking back."

"The only trouble we had was trying to reign in the abuse it was giving out. It's actually toned down a lot from what it was originally. The thing used to curse like a docker. We didn't want it break people's spirit completely."

The feature works when the user plays their snippet of a tunes which then prompts the app to come up with its own conclusion of how crap it thinks your playing is. The app takes into account tone, tuning, phrasing, ornamentation, tune choice and general style.

Some responses that users have reported hearing include, "You really think that version of 'The Mason's Apron' is gonna get you laid buddy?", "Your rolls sound like farts in a bath" and "Thank God no-one else was around to hear that."

Some musicians have expressed their outrage at the abuse they have received from the app, saying that it's having a detrimental impact on their learning. One fiddler said it made her give up altogether.

"I was in tears. All I was looking for was a name for a tune that turned out to be The High Reel and Tunepal told me my playing was like Ciarán O'Maonaigh..."only if he was a deaf 120 year old man suffering from really bad arthritis in his fingers".'

The upgraded app now called Tune-'I ain't your pal' is available for download now.


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