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A man standing listening to a great session honestly believes no-one can see him secretly recording, despite it being obvious as hell.

The annual visitor to Ireland is known to musicians as being a serial-recorder and has garnered a reputation as a professional hoarder of music, seemingly unwilling to share his countless recordings even to the musicians themselves.

Right now he seems oblivious to the fact that everyone in the session he is taping can see what he's at, trying to catch his gaze with dirty looks. One musician explains.

"This bloody eejit again. He's everywhere, especially during the summer! He acts like he's your best mate but only because he thinks it gives him some sort of permission to record the session. He's never asked us once!"

"I've been trying to catch his gaze to give him the filthiest look so he'll stop but everytime I dohe just looks away or looks at the ground or something. Cheeky bastard. "

Armed to the teeth with the latest high-end equipment the serial recorder continues to invade the session, not even offering to purchase a round of drinks for the musicians. Many of them have encountered the man before, even asking him for a copy of the recording of their session which he appears to oblige but never follows through.

Musicians are known to be open to having their music recorded if they are asked however no-one can really remember a time this guy has ever sought their permission.

"Yer man thinks he's being really sly. What an idiot. Of course you're gonna notice if he's wearing big headphones, lights flashing from his crotch and if you have a large furry mic shoved up your nose."


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