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An application to the Arts Council looking to train a Japanese national to play like legendary fiddler Michael Coleman has successfully obtained record funding.

The application to the Deis scheme of funding entitled 'The Kyoto to Killavil Project' outlined a desire to bring a Japanese national to Ireland for the duration of a year in an attempt to train him to play like Michael Coleman.

€77,100 was awarded to the Sligo applicant Kipeen Scanlon who hopes that the project will strengthen cultural ties bewteen Ireland and Japan, a country where the traditional Irish music scene has been thriving in the last few years.

"I'm delighted to get the funding and I hope to get started straight away. The idea has long gestated in my head about how exactly did Michael Coleman become so great. Was it in his genes or was it outside influences. Hopefully this experiment will provide answers."

This news comes only a few months after a failed attempt by Cult-Ass to train a small Phillipino boy on the uilleann pipes in an effort to create the next Seamus Ennis which resulted in the boy escaping Cult-Ass headquarters and returning to the streets of Manila.

The details of the Deis application have been released to the public and organisers wish to begin the candidate selection process immediately. The details ar as follows:


'To take a Japanese man to Ireland and train him in the South Sligo style of fiddle playing in an attempt to create the next Michael Coleman. The subject shall ideally have no previous musical experience or knowledge of Irish traditional music (ITM) and be willing to immerse himself in Irish life and culture. After a year of studying under some of the master of South Sligo the participant will perform a concert of Michael Coleman's music to an invited audience of Coleman music fans.'

'The object of this excercise is to explore the 'nature versus nuture' theory as regards ITM and see if we can create a Michael Coleman clone in our lifetime. The participant shall reside in Michael Coleman's original fmaily home during his time here which has now been faithfully restored to its former glory and an outhouse has been erected for his comfort. He shall work in the surrounding fields by day and frequent the local hostelrys by night in order to finely hone his style. We will also employ a consultant who is finely versed in the music of the area - Seamus Tansey - to track his progress on a weekly basis.'


Return 1st Class flights from Osaka: €12,000

Hire of Michael Coleman's house for a year: €20,000

Participant wage - 365 days at €100 a day: €36,500

Consultant wage - 52 days at €200 a day: €10,400

TOTAL: €77100

'I'm sure you will agree this project will be invaluable to the local area and the nations of Ireland and Japan on both a cultural and musical level.


Kipeen Scanlon'


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