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News has emerged today that DisConnect, the world’s leading source of post-2012 Irish traditional music fashion, has declined an offer to be referenced in the hotly anticipated film, Anchorman 3.

Producers of the iconic Anchorman films unintentionally encountered the DisConnect site after drunkenly Googling the terms ‘Irish water squirrel music album of the day best ever most pointless interview’ in an alleged attempt to compile an inane selection of news items for inclusion in what is tipped to be the highest grossing box office hit of 2017.

Producers claim that they were unaware at the time, that DisConnect was not in fact a parodist faux-news site; “I mean, we honestly thought this site was a satirical take on the Irish music world, much in the vein of ‘This is Spinal Tap’. We presumed that the site was using pseudonyms in spoof stories because when we searched the internet for the individuals referenced, we could only find them on the DisConnect site.”

“It was a poor judgement call on our part, and we hope the guys can forgive us. We simply thought that some of this news stuff would fit perfectly alongside the news items that we have featured in our previous Anchorman films, such as the ‘Nutty the squirrel learns to water-ski’ feature. We are truly sorry.”

DisConnect has written to Anchorman producers, expressing their unwillingness to participate in the production, but have not publicly commented on the matter. It is understood that the site will continue to deliver its unique and exciting brand of Irish traditional music reporting, informed entirely by the self-promotional materials submitted by traditional musicians to the editorial staff.

Among the delights to be included in next week’s website posts is an exclusive interview with 9-year old Tony O’Connor, member of the Ballyglass Primary School marching band, who will speak about the inspiration behind the band’s forthcoming debut album The Tunes We Like to Play On our Communion Day.


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