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A man reported to be impersonating the father of renowned accordion player Sharon Shannon has been found by the musicians, who wasted no time in keeping her promises and chopping off his 'mickey'.

It was reported in various news sources that Sharon had threatened to 'chop the mickey' off a man impersonating her father in order to get free drink in a Facebook status. She claimed to be joking but in a bizarre twist showed up to the media today claiming she had caught the man and proudly displayed his mickey to the press.

News outlets Yahoo News, and the Irish Independent all reported on her threats to the accordion playing charlatan claiming to be her father but many laughed it off as a joke. This has turned out not to be the case as Sharon tells us.

"You all thought I was joking didn't you? Well I have the evidence to prove it. Let this be a warning to any man out there not to cross me."

"After hearing all these stories about this man impersonating my dear father I had to do something to make him stop. The man sounded like a right bucko so I went down to the last place he was seen and there he was in O'Connor's in Doolin trying ot get free drink off the barman."

Witnesses say they saw Sharon go up to the man with scissors in hand and promptly gave him the snip. The accordionist reportedly carried the mickey home in a pint glass however we cannot be sure of which brand of drink.

The Drone understands the man can still be seen frequenting the same establishments but now walks with a slight gimp and asks for pints of ice which he rests in his crotch area. Sharon was apparently so proud of her catch that she has mounted the man's mickey and has it displayed as a trophy on the wall of her living room.

These exploits however have caused consternation within the male traditional music fraternity who have expressed their concern over performing with Shannon in the future.

Male musicians have demanded that they be allowed wear sufficient protection if they are to perform with the accordion maestro in the future. Sports apparel experts Reebok have released a specially designed protective cup for musicians wishing to gig with Sharon.


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