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A local musician has already started to count down the days until next year's Willie Clancy Summer School only two days after returning from this year's festival.

At a loss of what to do with himself after an epic week of music, drink and craic having, the man decided the best thing was to begin marking off the days until the Willie Clancy Summer School 2016, a full 353 days before the festival even begins.

After going out and buying a red marker and the largest calendar he could find, the man began crossing off the days since the last festival ended, a full 2 days. He explained his motivation behind the decision:

"I was walking around the house the last two days thinking I was still in Friel's Pub. I was going up to my kids thinking they were bar staff and ordering drinks, shouting 'Lovely stuff!' and 'YEOW!' at the CD player thinking it was a real session."

"I knew I couldn't go on like this. I was even beginning to make Willie Clancy Week small-talk with my wife, askin' her stuff like 'Ye here for the week yeah?' and 'Staying out in Spanish Point are ye?'. So I decided to put all my energy into preparing for next year's festival and counting down the days. Only 353 to go!"

The man has since quit his job, diagnosed himself with 'Post-Miltown Blues' and signed up for disability payments in order to allow him more time to focus on his goal of next year's festival, making his wife the sole earner of the household much to her annoyance.

"After he came home he didn't know where he was. He kept queueing outside the kitchen thinking it was The Bakehouse. Now he's at this! The feckin' eejit only plays the spoons and he thinks he's some Irish music God or something. The other day he said to me we'll have to give up some luxuries like breakfast and dinner. He's delusional."

When his wife's concern to put to him the man simply replied: "Sure I survived a whole week ot Miltown on cans of Bulmers and PJ's chips. If it's good enough for me it's good enough for them!"


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