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Traditional Irish musicians the world over are scratching their head today over whether they should call the well known hornpipe 'The Derry Hornpipe' of 'The Londonderry Hornpipe'.

This confusion follows the news that Strabane District Council voted to change the name of the Northern Ireland city Londonderry back to the original Derry. This has had a knock-on effect however as musicians debate on whether this change will apply to the world of Irish music and the name's of different tunes including the hornpipe in question.

Traditionally know as The Derry Hornpipe, the tune has been recorded numerous times featuring that title including a famous version by accordion maestro Finbar Dwyer. However a number of Unionists have protested the dropping of 'London' from the city name and vow to not let the same happen in other areas.

Willie Frazer, loyalist activist told us: "This is a ridiculous de-anglicisation of a well known unionist area. It's always been Londonderry since the dawn of the dinosaurs. We can't let this happen again."

Despite having no interest in Irish music and in fact hating the cuture, Willie vowed to change the name of the famous hornpipe to Londonderry: "This is one of the last pieces of culture we have. These musicians have to understand that if they mess with our place names then we mess with their tunes."

This has caused consternation in Irish music circles and has people walking on egg-shells, worried that they might offend someone by using the wrong name for the tune. Other tune names are also affected with Willie Frazer calling on people to change 'The March of the Kings of Laois' back to 'The March of the Kings of Queen's County'.

A vote is to be held in Stormont this week on whether to change the tune names with the bil expected to be defeated heavily.


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