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Pepper's Bar announced that they have just installed a brand new 'hippie-fence' in an effort to limit the number of hippies that hang around outside during the annual Feakle Festival.

Located in Feakle County Clare, Pepper's installed the high, chain-linked fence immediately after the festival which comes equipped with both barbed wire and razor wire. They also purchased 3 large Rottweilers, dogs that known for their ability to sniff out bad smells, useful when searching out crusty hippies.

Proprietor Gary Pepper said they hope to test the fence throughout the year in preparation for next year's festival during which they could expect to see a downturn in the number of hippies that hang around out the front of the famous music pub.

"The state-of-the-art fence is something we've considered for quite some time. Usually we only have a few hippies around which is grand but numbers have skyrocketed in the last few years, leaving little space for musicians to sit."

"Sure no-one really wants to listen to lads hammerin' away on an old guitar singing Galway Girl and Wonderwall. This fence should limit the number of hippies that make it onto the premises."

Locals are understood to be delighted at the news and hope that this will open up more space to play and chat at future festivals. One local told The Drone:

"It's fantastic news. No more will we have to listen to bad singing and slam poetry or put up with a smell that's a mixture of BO and incense."


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