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A traditional Irish musician who completed his Leaving Certificate in June has achieved an A1 in Music in his results yesterday but failed miserably in every other subject.

The fiddle player who describes himself as 'mad about the music', received his results yesterday along with every other student in the country. And while a select few celebrated A1s in numerous subjects, the teen only seemed concerned about his Music results and not about his F in English.

Upon opening his results yesterday morning the teen scanned through his numerous fail marks straight to his Music results and despite practically failing the Leaving Cert by failing Maths, the teen leapt into the air at the sight of his only positive mark.

"I can't believe it. This is the culmination of two years of hard work, staying up all those nights and getting up early all those mornings, staying in at break times just to play the music. I'm delighted! I don't care what anyone says about the rest of the subjects, I'm heading out tonight to get langered!"

The boy's teachers and principal shaked their heads at the sight of the boy's joy as his parents wept to one side. His principal urged him to sit the exams again next year but he was not for listening. When asked about his college prospects he seemed surprisingly upbeat.

"I've researched this already so I'm not worried. Sure the music course in UL seem to let all sorts in so I should get in there easily enough!"


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