This year's winners at the All-Ireland Fleadh have already begun a new craze just hours after the final competition took place by wearing their newly obtained medals and trophies as 'bling'.

Despite the competitions only finishing yesterday night with the Senior Céilí Band, successful Fleadh competitors were seen walking the streets of Sligo with their medals and trophies hanging round their necks attached to 'phat-ass rope chains'.

Fleadh fashion guru Aoibheann Ni Shuilleabhain said that this new trend is catching on with even the youngest competitors roaming the town comparing their newly acquired bling.

"This is the fashion tip for 2015 at the Fleadh, wearing shitty medals and rusty old, hepatitus primed trophies is the hot look for Sligo. It's really going to catch on and I can already see next year's Fleadh in Ennis turn into a scene from 'Straight Outta Compton'."

Witnesses have reported seeing groups of Fleadh winners comparing their bling on the streets with some almost becoming embroiled in gang-land style fighting:

"Check this out. 2nd in the Senior Miscellaneous bee-atch."

"That's pretty sick but gots a mofo Seán O'Riada Commemorative Trophy rounds ma neck. Boom!"

"You ain't seen nothin'. Under 12 whistle slow airs. You betta recognise!"


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