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Adjudicators at the All-Ireland Fleadh will start to wear bodycams from next year onwards as a form of protection against crazy, argumentative parents.

This news comes after the recent All-Ireland Fleadh in Sligo saw an increase in the number of adjudicators forced to sneak out of competitions in the aftermath of waves of abuse from parents unhappy with their decisions.

The Fleadh organisers hope that the wearing of bodycams will put off any attempts by parents to attack the adjudicators as they will know that every move they make is being recorded. Fleadh Director of Security, Pavel Kovacs explains:

"We've seen in the past how dangerous these parents can be. Ignorance and music competitions are a dangerous mix, just look at the Ard-Comhairle. Just last year we had the Mercy College Massacre where absolutely none of that was shown by some of the parents."

"We had to think of an appropriate solution and the bodycams seemed like a logical step. They're inobtrusive yet visible enough to put off any attempts by parents to harass or argue. We tried it during one of the county fleadhs and it proved successful so from next year, every adjudicator at the All-Ireland will be kitted out with one."

Parent groups have already begun campaigning against the use of bodycams saying it violates their right to make complete arses of themselves in front of onlookers.

Adjudicators all over the country have breathed a sigh of relief however some musicians have already raised concerns about the prospect of being continuously recorded. They fear that Cult-Ass will release bootleg videos of the competitions however Chairman Lau has dispelled these rumours.

"The only thing the videos will be used for is my own personal use. The Fleadh style of playing is the only thing that keeps me alive. I'm actually 150 years old! Any outtakes of the parents will be used for a new television programme being made in conjunction with the Fleadh TV crowd called 'The Fleadh's Stupidist Parents'."


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