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Facebook almost exploded today as threads concerning the much talked about Fleadh TV drew in more viewers than the TV show itself, the first time for something like this to happen since last year's Fleadh TV.

The Fleadh is only a few days finished but it didn't take long for people to start voicing their opinions on the equally maligned and celebrated TV show on social media.

According to Facebook and trolling experts the arguments appear to be divided into two camps. Mark Zuckerberg explains:

"It's clear what we have here is a case of two opinions: ones that are for the show and others that are against the show. However that is where the simplicity ends. I've seen many Facebook arguments in my time. Sometimes I like to make up fake profiles and troll people. Sure I own the damn thing, I can do what I like!"

"But these arguments are really complicated. Some are about the production, some are about the sound, some are about the actual music that was one the show...I'm finding it really hard to follow myself but what I can tell you is that people are having a great time reading them!"

Figures released by Facebook show that within one day over 500,000 people clicked on the Fleadh TV threads while the Fleadh TV show pulled in just under 499, 9999 viewers over 4 nights. Some people had valid points to make, drawing attention to the quota of Irish spoken and non-traditional acts on a traditional music show, others seemed to get carried away.

One major side of the argument focusses on the sexy way the music was portrayed and how damaging some of the music was to Irish music. Patsy O'Reilly from Newbackarse West was unhappy with some of the 'modren' stuff featured on the show:

"I pay my TV license just like any other poor sod. Ye have lads there gettin' up on stage, shakin' their arses, it's disgustin' and unGodly. It's killin' the music. Literally killin' it on stage with a knife!"

The other side seems refute this. Duncan Murray from South Dublin: "I don't know wot all the fuss is about. These old goys that didn't loike the show are jost begrudgers because they disagree with us and jealous they weren't on it loike."

While both sides have equally valid arguments the victor will be decided by the number of likes received with the Fleadh TV crew either being put to death by bodhrán squad or being allowed to live full and happy lives. They had this to say:

"Whatever happens happens. We look forward to seeing you all at the Fleadh next year. We're considering broadcasting the Facebook arguments live seeing as they are so popular!"


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