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A local music teacher has lambasted one of his students for not being an internet sensation in the latest craze of achieving notoriety by going viral online.

The teacher confronted his 8 year old piping student during her latest lesson for not garnering enough views for a video they posted of her playing over the weekend. The girl has been learning for just over 3 weeks.

Paddy McKenna scolded the girl, calling her 'lazy' and 'not cute enough' and warned her that if she doesn't go viral by the end of the week then she won't be allowed to go busking at the next All-Ireland Fleadh.

"She's a bloody disgrace! I put in all this work and for what? Maybe playing on a recording of 'Céilí House'? Maybe standing in the background of a Fleadh TV recording? No. Not good enough. If that video doesn't get enough views by the end of the week then there'll be hell to pay."

"I'm an extremely dedicated teacher, all this is for her. I just want my great playing...sorry, HER great playing to be recognised and make a few appearances on TV and radio and possibly a movie deal. Otherwise this agent I've hired will be money down the drain!"

McKenna says that if they don't make it onto the Ellen DeGeneres show then he'll take the girl to court for unpaid agents fees, loss of earnings and mental anguish for not making it big.

This news comes on the back of a viral video of uilleann piper David Power's 10 year old student playing after winning the U12 Uilleann Piping competition at the Fleadh. McKenna denies that his efforts have been down to jealousy.

"That's a ridiculous statement! I'm just trying to motivate my student is all! I can't help it if I become famous and gain hundred of new students by promising parents their kids will play like this!"


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