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The world of traditional music was rocked today as it was revealed that the prodigal 10 year old uilleann piper that captured people's hearts is actually Paddy Moloney in disguise.

Over the last week the internet has marvelled at the young boy's playing but The Drone has discovered that the student of David Power is actually The Chieftains piper Paddy Moloney, who was apparently able to impersonate a 10 year old boy for a whole year due to his small stature and child-like demeanor.

Even piper David Power was duped and he has gone on record to say that he is disappointed at being led on by the former Ceoltóirí Laighean member.

"I can't believe that it was actually Paddy Moloney all this time, I hardly recognised him! He has been coming to me for lessons for the past year and I just thought that he was a really quick learner. I mean like...really quick! He knew the tunes before I taught them to him. I should have realised."

"I'm amazed really. I don't know what possessed him to pose as a 10 year old for a whole year. But I knew no 10 year old could play that well."

It is thought that Moloney was seeking publicity for a new Chieftains tour that he has been planning however promoters are now unsure if this will go ahead.

Reports have suggested that Moloney went to great lengths to stay in disguise by employing actors to pose as his parents and even going back to 4th class in his old school.

"I don't regret doing it at all! Sure I had to drum up a bit of publicity for the new tour somehow! I knew this would get people's attention! But I will say it was difficult sometimes, like when I felt like having a pint I had to stop myself and some of those school tests were really hard!"


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