The traditional music world was left in awe last night as this man (pictured right) managed to play a whole session in the key of D even though everyone else was actually playing in the key of E-flat!

This amazing feat was accomplished with suprisingly little effort as the man played through tune after tune blissfully unaware of the difference in tuning between himself and everyone else around him, leaving listeners and musicians gobsmacked.

Attempts at playing out of tune in sessions have been made in the past but these have largely gone unnoticed as people either usually re-tune their instrument. However this man has become the first person to play a whole session in a totally different key without even realising it, a feat that has gained much recognition amongst his peers.

"I've been playing music a long time now and I don't think I've ever come across something like this. I mean, we were clearly playing in a different key to him but he just kept on playing, not even realising what he was doing."

"We made a point of even making sure we were all in tune with each other every so often to drop a few hints but fair play to him, he stuck to his guns and continued playing in D. It didn't seem to bother him being so out of tune."

No-one managed to obtain the man's identity so his background remains a mystery having left almost as soon as the session finished, choosing not to bask in the aftermath of his triumph.

"We never found out who he was or where he was from. As soon as we were finished he put his instrument away and walked off into the night. Good riddance to the bollocks!"


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