Following a hugely successful Culture Night 2015 the Irish media has given itself a pat on the pack and returned to ignoring any sort of Irish culture until this time next year.

The night, which began just a few years ago, sees many free events of cultural significance play out across the country including music concerts, exhibitions, etc. It has proved so successful that many establishments have bought into the wacky idea of 'culture' for one night only!

Many media outlets also buy into the idea but now that Culture Night has finished have returned to far more important matters of public interest. RTE's Director General Noel Curran explained.

"Culture is nice and gimmicky for a while but really when ye look at the grand scheme of things there's not really a place for it here at RTE. Sure there are far more important things people want to be hearing about then culture! Sure did ye hear Kim Kardashian took a dump yesterday shaped like Florida? Fascinating stuff!"

Many other establishments have also returned to ignoring Irish culture for the next 364 days with Temple Bar publicans looking forward to another year filled with traditional Irish renditions of Pharrell Williams', 'Happy'.


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