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Sessions all over the country tonight are reporting a massive increase in the number of eejits requesting 'Put 'em under pressure', the well known anthem to Ireland's 1994 World Cup campaign.

Following Ireland's famous victory over World champions Germany, people have been in merry spirits, including the annoying gombeens who usually stagger over to sessions looking for 'Galway Girl', but these requests have been replaced with the 21 year old World Cup anthem.

Musicians have told The Drone of their dispair at the requests and have called on the drunkards to return to their old ways and ask for renditions of 'The Lonesome Boatman'.

"This was totally out of the blue. No-one expected Ireland to win the match and Jack Charlton isn't even the manager anymore. It doesn't make any sense!"

"We're imploring all the drunken buffoons about there, please! Don't come near us with your beer bellies and drink spilling everywhere asking for 'Put em under pressure'."

The song is known for its rousing chorus and catchy riff taken from The Horslips 'Dearg Doom'. However many drunken soccer fans have confused the song with a traditional Irish tune, prompting ill fated requests for it at sessions.

Violence has already broken out at one or two gatherings when musicians refused to play it, with mutterings of 'Yis must be German or something', trying to get a rise. Musicians are now wishing they were back in the good old days:

"Come back 'Galway Girl', all is forgiven!"


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