A local woman returning to the session she ran for years after a few months absence thinks she can just turn up and reclaim her old seat.

The fiddler's old seat was located in a prime spot in session, in the inner circle close to the best musicians. However after being absent for a few months whilst on maternity leave, the woman lost her seat to another ambitious pretender.

But tension has now arisen as the woman has returned believing she can simply take back her old seat in the inner sanctum of the tunes. But her replacement has said she has no chance:

"If she thinks she can just waltz in here and take MY seat she has another thing coming. It's a dog eat dog world this session and if you're not careful enough people will just grab your seat to try and get closer to the top dogs. Even if you're only gone to the bar for a drink you'll have been deemed to have 'left the chair area' and forfeit your position."

"I waiting a long time to get this seat. I spent years working on my dulcimer playing and I'm not about to go back to where I was in the session's 'no-mans-land'. I don't care if she was raising a child. She can pop out a whole céilí band for all I care, she ain't getting this seat back!"

Most regular sessions follow an unwritten etiquette where musicians usually frequent the same seats and woe betide the newbie who unwittingly sits him or herself down in one.

It's unclear whether the other musicians share the same views as the dulcimer player however it appears that he is not to be moved as he has now taken the drastic action of chaining himself to the stool.


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