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The official leaning chair used at this year's Corn Uí Riada singing competition has been upgraded to a Class 3 Relic by Catholic Church officials.

The leaning chair gained notoriety after being used at this year's Oireachtas and has been likened to many of the world's greatest relics such as the Holy Grail, the Ardagh Chalice and Seamus Tansey's flute belt.

It was long thought to have mystical powers which many people believed bestowed great talent on those who leant against it. It is said to make any sean-nós singer who touches it bearable to listen to. Oireachtas officials explained:

"The chair is an incredible piece of furniture with great power. It is said that it was made deep in the forests of South China by a slave labourer. One of us found it at a car-boot sale for a fiver. It was only after a night of drinking and singing we found out about its power."

"The Corn Uí Riada goes on for over 3 hours so we decided to use in the competition to help people sit through the whole thing. It's fantastic that the Church has decided to give the chair this accolade."

Church officials have called the chair a marvel of nature and that it must be protected at all costs as "no-one should have to sit a sean-nós competition without it being used".

The chair was originally a Class 2 relic which meant it was more comfortable than the average chair. However this new classification means that it sits alongside artefacts such as Daniel O'Donnell's tea-cup, Michael Flatley's jock-strap and Paddy Keenan's hat.


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