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Musicians at a local session were left confused and disturbed after a man visiting their pub from France sang a song in an Irish accent.

The incident occurred during a break in the music when the Frenchman approached the group wondering if he could give them a rendition of 'Danny Boy' but they did not expect this to be performed in a full Irish brogue.

As the man burst a lung belting out the Irish ditty, the musicians looked on, dumbfounded. The last note was met with a bemused type of applause as people were unsure whether to congratulate the man or reel in horror at what just happened. One musician told us:

"No-one expected this to happen. Sure when he came over to us we knew right away that he was French, the accent is unmistakeable. But when he began to sing...oh dear God. Singing is bad enough but when people put on the accent it just leaves you with a feeling of nausea."

"People all around me were pinching themselves just to check that they weren't dreaming or having a nightmare. I think a little bit of us all died last night."

Foreigners singing in Irish accents is a rare phenomena that isn't often seen but when it happens it can have a detrimental effect on the mental capacity of any Irish musician that hears it. It leaves one feeling jaded and with a feeling of emptiness.

Those exposed to this condition are encouraged to call the help line 1800-FAKE-ACCENT which plays sean nos singing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help relieve the symptoms.


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