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A number of well known traditional Irish music pubs are currently suspended in mid-air after being caught up in Storm Desmond over the weekend.

The Cobblestone, Tigh Coili and Friel's have all been seen floating across the country with the notorious storm after they were ripped from their foundations by strong winds and carried into the air.

Witnesses said that the pubs lifted right out, leaving the surrounding buildings completely intact. This has left many musicians wondering what is to become of their beloved music pubs. One Galway fiddle player described seeing Tigh Coili being lifted into the air:

"I was outside havin' a shmoke, takin' a break from the music when the ground started to shake. It was fairly windy at the time so I presumed it was just that. But all of a sudden there was a huge crash and when I turned around the pub was gone!"

"I looked up into the air and there it was just floating away into the storm! I knew the wind was bad but to lift a whole pub out of it's foundations is just mental! I didn't even get a chance to finish my pint! I don't think I will now."

Despite this strange turn of events the pubs have reported business as usual however actually reaching the pubs is another thing. Patrons in the pubs when the incidents happened are said to be keeping the proprietors in business.

Sessions have continued as normal with sets of tunes giving a nod to wind themed names with 'The Tempest', 'The Heathery Breeze' and 'The Wind That Shakes the Barley' proving popular however flute players and uilleann pipes are said to be more out of tune than normal due to the high winds.

The pubs were last seen floating over the Irish Sea and are reportedly heading toward the England coastline with Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary looking to charge the musicians for having their instruments in the air.


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