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A recent study has revealed that people are putting up their Willie Clancy Week decorations earlier than ever with many putting them up as early as November.

The report found that there has been a gradual increase over the years in how early people put up their Willie Clancy Week posters, flyers, lights, etc. It found that 2015 has been the worst year so far with 75% of those interviewed saying that their Willie Clancy decorations went up straight after Halloween.

Decorations have always played a huge part with the summer school this time of year as people love to get into the festive, drunken mood in time for the festival the following July. Doctor McMathuna, leader of the study, explains:

“People have always complained about decoration going up too early! Usually people would associate the start of that time of year when they hear the first Willie Clancy recording played on the radio. It gives ye a great buzz!”

“But it has become a bit ridiculous now. Decorations are up this year earlier than they have ever been! Some of those interviewed even said they like to have their posters and little Willie Clancy statuettes ready to go up as soon as it hits midnight on Halloween.”

Many people point to the fact that the music is becoming more commercialised with people forgetting the real reason behind the Willie Clancy Week: to play music and get sloshed.

Some of the more popular decorations this year have been life size statues of the uilleann piper in the corner of the living room under which presents can be placed. McMathuna says these are often decorated with lights and ornaments with other decorations and songs adding to the atmosphere.

“Uilleann pipe bags hanging above the fire place, little candy cane chanters and renditions of ‘Walking in a Willie Wonderland’ are all part and parcel of the festive season!”


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