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Contributors to the traditional Irish music website ‘’ have been given the status of ‘infallible’ after years of hard work attempting to obtai the title.

The traditional Irish music armchair pundits were given the title at a ceremony earlier today held in Dublin Castle where the honour was inferred on them by a Paddy Moloney impersonator. The contributors were represented by a blood-stained computer keyboard.

This honour comes after years of striving to achieve recognition through inaccurate versions of tunes being uploaded, rambling discussions and countless arguments between these heroic keyboard warriors.

“This heroes sit at their computers for 23 hours of day keeping a watchful eye over the world of traditional Irish music. For too long they have dwelt in the shadows but now is their time”, proclaimed the Paddy Moloney impersonator.

“No longer will their exclamations that learning tunes with only notes is the best way be met with laughter. No longer will the notes to tunes they upload be deemed completely wrong. No longer will their ridicule of established musicians be called derisory. And no longer will their own playing be deemed terrible. Their word is now Gospel.”

The website is renowned for attracting the greatest minds in the history of Irish music such as Jim who lives in a shack in Arizona and has played tin whistle for a few hours, Margaret from Mayo who dances sometimes to Sharon Shannon in her kitchen and Anders from Sweden who stumbled across a bodhrán player in an Irish bar in Stockholm.

These contributors are now considered the torch bearers of the intellectual side of the tradition, an often overlooked area considering the colloquial nature of the music. Musician will now be expected to look to these great online beings for guidance, something which they are looking forward to.

“Sure those fuckers can barely play!”


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