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Renowned gaff artist Donald Trump has musicians wondering if the presidential hopeful needs a geography lesson after tweeting that Miltown Malbay is in East Clare when in fact it is in the west of the county.

Trump tweeted on Thursday, ‘That Miltown Malbay and the Willie Clancy Summer School thinks it’s so great that they’re in East Clare. Well West Clare is much better, that’s where my hotel is!’

This prompted many to criticise Trump for his basic lack of knowledge of County Clare and it’s traditional music festivals, leaving many people wondering if he really is the right man for the US presidency.

One Miltown Malbay local told us: “Sure everybody knows the difference between those parts of Clare. His hotel is in Doonbeg sure! If he can’t tell the difference between East and West Clare then maybe we won’t know the difference between East and West Germany!”

“Everybody knows that West Clare far better anyway. Sure why would the Willie Clancy festival be in East Clare of all places? We’re far more talented over this side of the county. Must be the sea air!”

Trump was quick to backtrack regarding his comments however and told the Drone that he knows where Miltown Malbay is and that people ridiculing him are all jerks.

“Just wait until I put my wall up seperating East and West Clare. All of you peasants will be turfed out on your arses!”



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