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The Online Academy of Irish music announced today that they are to merge with the online porn video channel PornHub in an effort to cut rising costs.

After garnering great success, the online traditional music teaching service has run into difficulty and finds itself looking to curb costs.

Following great discussions it was decided that dipping into the seedy world of online porn was the only way to keep up with payments of the day to day running of the site.

This merger will see videos from the OAIM website uploaded PornHub’s website with any musicial instrument fetish related videos going the other way. This new has drawn a negative reaction from the teachers in the videos on the traditional music website.

“I don’t want to be associated with the likes on PornHub! I’m a musician for Christ sake! I go out, play music with bums, get sloshed and then go home to me bedsit! I can’t be seen alongside those lowlife pornstars!”

“Sure playing and teaching music is competely different anyway. On the videos we get out our instrument, tease you with a few tricks and then make sweet music, whereas on PornHub…”

At this point the man trailed but what he is trying to say is that the teachers were not overly pleased with the news. There has been a demand for a pay increase if this is to be the case however OAIM operators say that their budget doesn’t allow for it as they barely break even as it is.

But news that has come as a relief to teachers is that they will not be required to perform any ‘lewd acts’ as the videos are for educational purposes only. However this has caused great condemnation from the pornstars featured on PornHub, as Tits McGee explains.

“We don’t want to be associated with those ruffians! What we do is art! On our videos we get out our instrument, tease you with a few tricks and then make sweet music, whereas on that website they…”

At this point Tits McGee just trailed off.



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