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A previously unknown giant planet has been discovered on the outskirts of our solar system which astrologists say resembles the legendary traditional and folk singer Christy Moore.

Planet 9 or 'Christy Mooreius' which it has been nicknamed, was discovered by US scientists through mathematical and musical modelling before viewing it directly, only to find that the planet's surface looked just like a sweating, wincing Moore mid-song.

A statement from California Institute of Technology said that the planet has a mass "about 10 times that of a normal traditional musician or folk singer" and follows "a rambling, raconteurish orbit in the distant folk scene".

"It was incredible really. We looked through our telescope and were like 'Hey. That kinds looks like Christy Moore'. Finding the planet confirmed for us that the census for our solar system is absolutely not finished. We're now wondering what other planets are out there that look like folk singers or traditional musicians."

"The planet itself follows a very unusual path around the solar system and takes quite a long time to find it's way. In fact it take between 10,000 and 20,000 years to make just one orbit around the folk circuit before resurfacing to plug a new album."

The gravitational pull of the planet is said to affect other smaller folk enthusiasts around it, pulling them towards it. Questions have been raised as to how the planet could go so long undiscovered, with speculators saying it could have been cast off during the big bang caused by the break up of Planxty.

Moore himself is said to be honoured by the discovery and is already planning a tour of the planet but is not expecting to make much money. This also isn't the first time an object resembling Moore has been discovered after his image was seen on an egg by an elderly woman in Kildare.



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