Organisers of the questionably named 'Temple Bar Tradfest' have told The Drone that they plan to celebrate the lack of culture in the notorious Dublin dive.

A festival that has been running for over 10 years, the Temple Bar Tradfest has gradually moved away from being a traditional Irish music festival so much that its name has become almost ironic.

Despite criticism of it being based in a place devoid of any culture, organisers say they are embracing the term and almost lampooning it themselves.

"It might be a cultureless shithole but it's our cultureless shithole! I mean, at what other festival would you have people advertising the regular micced up gigs as a sessions trail? What other trad festival would have rock bands and any old singer-songwriter as acts?"

"We pride ourselves on trying to milk the term 'trad' for the benefit of the local bars! They do a great job of supporting the tradition with the Irish music acts they have every night for unsuspecting tourists."

Organisers say that in order for festival goers to get the full Temple Bar experience, they are planning to fly in a extra groups of drunken stag and hen parties from Britain.


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